We're on Vacation!

We will return to full activity on Saturday 30th at 6PM. Our forum will remain online alongside our radio if our DJ's wish to DJ if they become bored. We hope our staff enjoy a nice break.
See you soon!

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User Support!

If you feel your forum account has been accessed or you have any issues with your account this is the correct section for you. Our team will work hard to resolve any issues you are having with your HabboKingdom account. If you have any complaints about any users or staff members please also use this section. To use our User Support you must have an account on our forum so we can verify you. When using our User Support you might be asked for your Email address or IP address to verify your identity.

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Moderation Issues!

Have you recently received a infraction on our forum and / or you have a banned account? This is the right section for you. Our highly skilled moderation department will work with you to resolve any moderation issues. You can also submit private reports to our moderators using this section. All threads are private and can only be viewed by our moderation team and administration team. We work hard to keep our community safe and sometimes errors can happen in the moderation team so if we made one let us know!

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General Support!

If you have any questions about HabboKingdom or are you having some issues using our website? We are here to help! Our general support is for you to ask us pretty much anything. This section is public section meaning all our departments can comment on here to help you. You can ask questions regarding our radio, events and media departments and also get help if you are interested in joining one of our fantastic departments. We love to help our community so feel free to ask us a question. Because these support requests are not high priority please expect slower response times.

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