The End

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Where do i start really? Over the last few weeks as many of you know and have seen I've been considering the future of HabboKingdom. I have reviewed the possibilities and discussed with those who i can trust. I've came to my final decision to close HabboKingdom right from this point. It's about time i move on from Habbo and Fansite's and move on with my life. HabboKingdom has been a big part of me for the last year or so and it's going to be very hard to let go but i need to for my own sake. I've made some friends and lost some We've done it all really. We hosted some fantastic shows and events alongside broke some personal records. We have laughed and giggled, celebrated and argued. We gained official and then lost it but went on to get stronger after that. We got hacked, backstabbed, DDOsed and got plotted against but we pulled through. All i'll say to that is.. Sorry Benji but you go down in the record books for the biggest failure going. It's time we go our own ways or go together but our future no longer remains here at HabboKingdom. Once upon a time HabboKingdom was a place of pure joy and laughter but its became boring and dull and a horrible environment with the people around fansites and i don't want to be where they are. I hope you all understand that i need to move on with life and focus on college and myself. You might see me around at times and i might do some shows but not much.

Special Thanks

I'm not going to name people as I'll leave someone out so i would like to give a special thanks to all the people who's ever worked here for helping us and all those who stuck by us through rough times. We don't thank those backstabbers and pathetic idiots who worked here and you very well know who you are. I hope we can stay in touch but this is where i find out who my true friends really are.

We may return someway but for now it's goodbye. I hope lazytown will always stay in your mind and heart and remember there's always a way. What goes up must come down but sadly for us what goes down won't be coming back up.

Now i will blast off to my planet and we will have some fun in space so I'll leave you with this final song. Goodbye and thank you! Look up to the sky's and watch my rocket rise!

My Skype if you wish to keep in contact is: undercover-devy